Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Helmet-Cam Filler

Didn’t finish Part 2. I’ll have it up by tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here’s some Helmet-Cam Filler.

Sunday SkiBikeJunkie, Coryalis and I rode a loop from my house (near the zoo) up Emigration, onto Mormon trail to Jeremy Ranch to Pinebrook to Mid-Mountain to Park City, up to Scott’s Pass, onto the Wasatch Crest, down Great Western into Mill Creek, Pipeline back down into the valley and home. 83 miles. Big day. Here’s a clip of SkiBikeJunkie rolling Wasatch Crest through the spine. (Both clips here can be played in HD.)

Bonus Filler

Down in upper Mill Creek Canyon, SBJ was kind enough to wear the cam for a stretch. Here’s yours truly rolling one of my favorite descents in the Wasatch.

Tune in tomorrow for Bachelor Weekend Part 2, which will be chock full of botany, geology, mammals, biking, and scenic vistas. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll be better than Cats. (And I’ll explain the geology behind both cliff bands in the new header photo, and the botany of the PLT groves in between them. Now that’s a geeky teaser.)


Anonymous said...

Nice video. 83 miles on a mountain bike? That is HUGE. How much climbing was involved and how long did it take?

Looking forward to Part 2. I'll make sure I am emotionally prepared for an awesome post :)

mtb w

Watcher said...

mtb w- Yes, 83 miles. Over 10 hours elapsed time, 8 and a quarter riding. A bit under 10K feet climbing, according to SBJ's altimeter. I have a bit of a tradition of these kinds of rides. Maybe a couple of traditions.

Tomorrow's post may be a 2-cupper for you; I got carried away ;^)