Thursday, February 11, 2010


Sorry, what can I say. Up early for a frozen mtb ride, crazy day at work, worked some more after dinner, then tucked into Part 2. Almost wrapped it up, but bonked completely around 10PM, before I could get to graphics. Anyway, here’s a teaser: if you’re male, I’m willing to bet my next paycheck that a typical male pigeon is a better dad than you are. No kidding*.

*Actually I am kidding. Not about the better dad part, but about the paycheck part. I don’t care if you’re like the Jesus of Dads, I’m not giving you my paycheck. I’m not even giving you like 5 bucks. (But I’d probably give you a WatcherSticker.)

Little more filler- here’s a quick clip from yesterday’s pre-work ride in City Creek. Nice higher up, but the icy switchbacks down lower are pretty scary.

And for anyone who actually was hoping to learn something here today, go check out Berry-Go-Round at the Phytophactor. I always learn something at BGR, and Phytophactor, unlike me, is a plant-freak who actually knows what he’s talking about.

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