Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blog-Plan For The Week

IMG_0217 We’re back from a fantastic long holiday weekend. We did a road trip to the Cortez, Colorado area that focused on visiting Anasazi ruins, but the weekend also included camping, biking, botany and bugs. (pic left = wiped-out twins in tribal van after full day of bushwhacking to cliff dwellings) Here’s my blogging-plan for the week. I can’t promise I’ll stick to it (busy work week ahead) but anyway I’ll tell you what I hope to cover now, so you can tune in for the stuff that interests you and blow off what doesn’t.

IMG_0193Wednesday: Cliff Dwellings & Indians. We did an amazing guided bushwhack on the Ute Mountain Reservation to a cliff dwelling that’s not on any map, not in any book, has never been properly documented/excavated and is structurally/architecturally unique in the greater Mesa Verde area. In the course of the post I plan to explain the basics of past & present-day 4-Corners-area Indians, their histories, language groupings and relationships to each other, as well as enough basics of Anasazi cliff dwelling architecture so that you get why the one we visited is so darn interesting.

IMG_0170 Thursday: Biking & Botany. A lighter post focusing on the excellent mountain biking around Cortez and a little botany thrown in for good measure.

Culi1 Friday: All About Gnats. If you’re a desert-lover, like me, who has been driven absolutely &%#$house by those little gnats/no-see-ums that always show up down there this time of year and wondered what the deal was with those awful bugs, then this will be the post you don’t want to miss.

Phew. Just re-read the above. Sounds like a lot of work- better get cracking!


Sally said...

You mean you didn't, like, get rained on the whole time? I heard it'd been raining for days down that way, but maybe my info didn't quite cover Cortez.

Sounds like a great plan-- will be back!

Watcher said...

Sally- we had LOTS of rain. But strangely, the rain led to 2 good outcomes, 1 of which I'll blog about tomorrow, the other (hopefully) on Friday.

Albert said...

I was Googling for info about a 3 petal white flower on Little Creek Mt., my frequent riding place. Linked to your blog. Enjoyed reading your stories.