Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Me, Today: Yellow On Axis#3

I set this up for an auto-post. If it posts at 6AM mountain time Wednesday, it means I followed my own advice from yesterday’s post and dropped into Zone Yellow on Axis #3. Figured desert season is slipping away, better get down before it finishes waking up and goes into summer broil-mode.

IMG_0613 Drove down to Canyonlands NP last night to ride White Rim (single day, solo, unsupported) today. By the time this posts I should have already climbed Shafer switchbacks, knocked out the paved section and be rolling somewhere along Mineral Road.


KanyonKris said...

Bold ride. And counter-clock-wise with climbing Shafer no less (most agree clock-wise is easier). Looking forward to the report.

Watcher said...

Kris- back safe & sound, but too wiped to blog, will have to wait till tomorrow night. I can tell you the post title now, though: "My White Rim Fiasco." And I will give these three teasers, all of which are closely linked:

1- Things did not go as planned.

2- I need a new front wheel.

3- Foreign visitors to this country should not be permitted to rent Hummers.

Holy crap, what a day.

KanyonKris said...

Your teasers worked - I'm anxiously awaiting the story post. Entertainment from misfortune (especially when not mine) is time-tested to be a sure hit.