Monday, January 25, 2010

Sonoran Sunset Teaser

Twin B and I just got back late last night from a Daddy-Daughter weekend down in Arizona. It was great, but it’ll be at least a day or two till I can blog about it. In the meantime, if you’re looking to kill 40 seconds and haven’t seen a good sunset lately, you can check out this one from our campsite.

Oh, and speaking of campsites… you may have heard that Arizona saw a bit of weather last week. Here’s another video, of the normally* dry wash we camped along.

*By “normally”, I mean like “practically always.”

This wasn’t a “flash” flood; the wash ran like this through the entire ~24 hour period we camped there. Surrounded by mesquite, saguaro, cholla and jojoba, we were lulled to sleep by a rushing river…


Bonneville Mariner said...

I love the wash! Kinda reminds me of when it rains in the Moab area-- but on a larger scale.

Lucy said...

How very extra special to camp by a dry wash that was flowing the whole time! So cool.